The Spirit Society has really taken on a life of its own. It's exciting to see, because when we came up with the idea to go out and invite listeners to come have a drink or two on a weeknight, we weren't sure whether or not anyone else would be on board. I mean, obviously we still would have had a good time going out, but we hoped it would involve listeners because that would take the enjoyment to another level.

Fortunately, not only did we get a response, we got a great response. It's very cool to see people come to an event and keep coming back, bringing friends, helping this thing grow organically.

It's to the point now where, before a Spirit Society event ends, attendees are asking us when and where they can go to the next one. Luckily, we've got an answer for you now:

Where: Shadows, Poughkeepsie
Date: Thursday, September 8
Time: 5-7 PM

Make sure you sign up below because this one is going to be great. You'll not only enjoy a complimentary cocktail, but also have an opportunity to learn how to make them from the pros, so you'll be able to keep the good times going long after you get home.