Have you been looking forward to the results of the WRRV Tattoo Re-do 2017? You are not alone, we have all been waiting to see what the talented artists at Graceland Tattoo, 2648 E Main St, Wappingers Falls, had created to help our winner Mathew Tuper like his old tattoo more than ever before.

In case you missed it, we asked WRRV listeners to submit photos of their horrible tattoos, ones that just didn't represent them anymore or the ones that they were afraid to actually look at. Dozens of photos were submitted and 32 were chosen as some of the worst tattoos in the Hudson Valley. Then, after weeks of voting, Mathew's was selected by YOU as the Worst Tattoo in the Hudson Valley.

Then the folks at Graceland Tattoo in Wappingers helped formulate a plan with Mathew to give him the tattoo that he had originally envisioned. Here is a look at the before and after of the photos:

photo supplied by Mathew Tuper
photo supplied by Mathew Tuper

Adam and the team at Graceland Tattoo can help create the tattoo of your dreams. Looking for an artist to help with your own tattoo redo or cover up? Graceland can help you as well, contact them at 845-297-3001 about setting up an appointment to see what can be done to re-work your tattoo or create a new one.

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