WRRV and Graceland Tattoo are teaming up to find and fix the worst tattoo in the Hudson Valley. It's time to submit your photo entries now.

  • Download the WRRV mobile app from the Apple or Google Play store.
  • Take a photo of the ugly tattoo
  • Open the app, you see a bar in the middle of the page. Scroll right.
  • Submit through the 'send pics' icon on the app
  • All submissions must be received by midnight on August 12
  • Voting rounds begin on August 14 for selected entrants so encourage all your friends and family to vote for your terrible tattoo.
  • Graceland Tattoo works their magic on the top vote-getters bad ink.

It turns out there's a lot of bad ink in the Hudson Valley. Here's a look at listener submissions from the past two years (non of these tattoos were done by the professional team at Graceland Tattoo).

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