When spring training rolls around, MLB teams always have a bunch of non-roster invitees in camp. These can be older major league players just trying to catch on with a team after a bad season or injury, older prospects that are trying to start over with a new organization after being released by their old team or aging out of the minor leagues, or top prospects that the team is evaluating.

While a lot of the same names from last year will be around, this spring training is going to be dominated with coverage of the new players acquired by the Yankees during last seasons trade moves.

New Yankee Prospects:

Those 4 players, along with Gary Sanchez, might form the next nucleus of the Yankees organization for years to come. They can be THAT good.

They're going to be joining some other prospects that had already been with the Yankees and are starting to come into their own.

Yankee Prospects Already With The Team:

It's important to remember that just because these prospects are invited to camp DOES NOT mean they're meant to make the team this year. Very often it's just a chance to see how they respond to more refined players, and to give them a chance to mingle with players already on the team. Gleyber Torres, for instance, has never played above Single A Advanced, and the Yankees are in no rush to push him through their system since Didi Gregorious played a pretty good shortstop last season. Torres could still be 2-3 years away from the major leagues.

Regardless, the near future of the Yankees could be on display this spring training, and it has a chance to be something special.