Have you ever had that one job where you were so frustrated a few hours in that you just decided to say "Nope, see ya later"? We were shocked by your responses.

We've all had that one job that just wasn't what we expected and maybe you had to bail a little early. When I was in high school I worked as a cook at a restaurant. I lasted one week until I realized I had to pull the parachute. I posed the question to see if anyone had lasted less than a week at an employer. The results were shocking.

Here are some texts that we received.

"I once held a job for literally a day and never showed up, never even picked up my paycheck because I hated it so much. It was scooping ice cream at a craft fair. I couldn't handle all of the stickiness lol!"

"I worked as an AM stocker at Victoria's Secret in Poughkeepsie. I didn't even make it through the registration on the first day. They had to terminate me and I was mailed a check for 0.46 for the 5 minutes I "worked" there."

"I worked 2 days as a dishwasher for Troy's Pizza in Kerhonkson. I never officially quit, I just stopped showing up. I was 16, it was summer, and I already had another job. i didn't feel like having 2 jobs that summer."

"The shortest job I ever had was 2 days as a telemarketer. I trained one day on vinyl siding, 2nd day I got cursed at. I went for lunch and never went back. So technically a day and a half."

"Got a job in the deli at 'Stop n Shop' on Beekman Rd. I worked 4 hours the first night and never went back except to get my $25 paycheck. Haha"