In America, we supersize things. It's what we do. We've supersized our food, we've supersized our hats, we've supersized our phones (then shrunk them, then supersized them again). Now, we're supersizing our yoga. 

Wednesday, June 21st, a mega-yoga event is being held at Tenure Park in White Plains. The event is called Get On Your Mat For Mental Health, and it's being organized by The Mental Health Association of Westchester.

In the past, the event has been called "one of the most inspiring mega-yoga events." The event kicks off at 5:30 with live musical performances and then at 6:30 hundreds of people will get their mats out for a class by a renowned yoga teacher. The event will raise tons of funding and awareness for mental health issues.

I've never done yoga before, but I know how popular it is. Would you want to be part of a massive class full of hundreds of people, or would that disrupt your chi? It's definitely a great cause, and I hope we can continue making things mega to raise money for great causes. I will definitely participate when they finally create Mega Pizza Eating and Beer Guzzling, but something tells me that's a less healthy alternative.