Did you take time out to mark Memorial Day? How did you do it? Did you have friends over for a BBQ? Or buy something online? Maybe that is one way to mark the day of Memorial Day, the unofficial beginning of Summer.

How should you have marked the day? Here are a few ways to have marked the solemn day.

How should you have marked the day of Memorial Day?

Veteran male solider saluting the flag of USA

There are things to do for Memorial Day, like flying the American Flag on that last Monday in May. When you fly the flag on Memorial Day you need to fly it at half-mast from dawn through noon, then you need to raise the flag to full mast from noon until dusk. Did you know that you were to fly the flag at half-mast until noon?  

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What other things could you have done to mark Memorial Day?

close up of dog tags on American flag

You can observe a moment of silence at 3PM. This is often a tribute for those who have passed. The 3 PM time is considered a National Moment of Remembrance.

You can also visit a veteran's home to spend time with the residents. Volunteers are always needed at those centers. You can also write letters to military members who are currently deployed. Where can you get the addresses to write to the military members? You can get info at the local American Legion or the local Veterans of Foreign Wars. Keep all of these things in mind for how you can mark the occasion next year.

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