There's always one person who wants to rain on the parade. The newest social media downer trend is in and it'll just irritate you like the rest of the trends on social media.

I knew this was a thing but I didn't know it had a name until yesterday and it's called "Memorial Day Shaming". Recently, I came across a troll on the internet who was shaming people on Facebook for having a good time doing what they wanted on Memorial Day.

This is the post I saw online:

"Exercising and eating to excess? What a great way to honor our troops. it's very unpatriotic. I'm ashamed of being an american today".

I think this guy may have Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Thank you to all who served this country and who paid the ultimate sacrifice but what I will celebrate how I want to whether it's at a  neighbors barbecue, watching movies or running a 5k.

Here is what some of you had to say about this:

"As a veteran I do get thanked on Memorial Day and it is not a day for us. Memorial Day is a day to remember our fallen soldiers, a day to pay tribute and a day to celebrate the freedoms they have given us through their sacrifice".
"This is Steve from Kingston, Iraqi freedom vet, those heroes died protecting your right to spend EVERYDAY, the way you want. Honor that s***".