You can't get enough of Bronx Brewery, can you? Every time we feature their beers, we get so much positive feedback that there's no choice but to feature another. And this week is a fun style: a Black Pale Ale. Bronx Brewery created Bronx Black PA as a Winter seasonal, so let's enjoy one of the truly wonderful parts of this time of year.

Bronx Black PA is a blend of two of the great flavors in the American brewing tradition: awesome roastiness, and a refreshing hoppiness. This one won't knock you out with the hops, but they certainly assert themselves in the finish; think of your favorite pale ale blended with that great roast of a stout. As always, your growler is half price at Half Time, so swing on by and check out their always awe-inspiring selection of beers.

Check out this ad for Chase Bank featuring Bronx Brewery for a little bit of info on them: