This week my sweetheart take us to New Zealands shark infested waters. His name is Todd Vercoe and he has been through A LOT in a short amount of time.

Here's what makes him a great candidate for "BFH". Todd has an incredible tale of survival to tell after being swept overboard on a sailing trip with two friends. The three set sail for Tutukaka on a 30-foot sloop at 8:30 a.m. The ship was on autopilot to make sure that the guys would arrive at their destination before sundown. Vercoe encountered trouble while the other two slept below deck.  Todd says that they were sailing along and I thought I would take a bit of a pee off the back of a boat, [but I] hit an awkward wave and got bounced off the back of the boat and just saw the boat sailing off into the distance."

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Unfortunately he was not wearing a life jacket and he recalled, "I thought, oh time was up, yeah. But I was like five or six miles out and thought, 'What do I do? Do I just float around and wait to get hypothermic and die, or go for it?'" He went for it and swam for land with his clothes weighing him down in the rough water. He says that it felt like it was taking forever and he was a nit nervous about sharks out in the water too. He told a local news outlet that he does not think that he is “the strongest swimmer,” but he continued with the breaststroke for three hours., just telling himself, 'Don't give up.’… Eventually, he made it to Rimariki Island, Exhausted and with mild hypothermia, but he decided that he should continue on to Kaituna Bay, because he  was afraid of his chances of being rescued after nightfall. He reached the bay. Then, having seen the Northland Electricity Rescue Helicopter in the sky while he swam, he used his foot to scrawl the letters “SOS” in the sand. Vercoe’s shipmates had alerted emergency personnel and rescuers were dispatched at around 4 p.m. to search for the man lost at sea.