Bourbon and spending time with you. Two things Dad wants for Father's Day.
Ok. Maybe just the bourbon. There is a distillery that is relatively new (year and a half or so) and about an hour away. Hillrock Estate Distillery. Try them. They are making more and more press on what they are doing, Solera Aging Bourbon, plus their new products.
Here are a few write ups on them since they opened in 2012:
Whiskey Advocate
Beverage World

My favorite from them is their Solera Aged Bourbon, a second bolder choice would be the George Washington Unaged Rye that they make using what is believed to be the same "recipe" or formula that comes from GW's original stills.

Here is a really "cool" and not too bourbon geeky event that you can go to and bring your Dad with, as an excuse to spend some time together for Father's Day. If Dad can't make it because his schedule is too busy, grab a friend, grab two friends and head up there for this event. Try the Solera Aged and try their new Peat Smoked Single Malt Whiskey too.

hillrock distillery

Maybe grab a bottle for Dad? Or remind him of when you were a kid, and would bring him a soda or a beer, because if you brought it to him, you would get to open it and take the first sip. Make sure to take the first sip... generously poured of course, maybe with an ice cube? Something tells me, Dad won't mind too much.