Hudson Valley

Warnings From a Man Who Damaged His Eyes During The Last Eclipse
Are you experiencing solar eclipse mania like everyone else on the planet? If you plan on viewing the eclipse today, you may want to hear this guy out first.

If you plan on viewing the solar eclipse today, you certainly aren't alone. However, safety should always be the concern. The eclipse c…
A Simple Selfie or Picture Can Send You To See Bastille
Bastille is coming to Albany in a few weeks and a simple picture can put you in the running to see the show.

Monday is the day that everyone has been talking about for months. A lot of you in the Hudson Valley will be watching the solar eclipse around lunch time.

If you are going to view the ecl…
Dear ‘Trendy Parents': You’re Not Trendy
It's okay to get older and be a responsible parent. You don't get to be the cool parent. Do you know why? It's because there is no such thing.

Having a child is a blessing and you should be thankful. Whether is getting rid of the family pet, turning the man cave into a nursery or t…

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