I'm really glad that so many of you share the pet peeve of horrible parking with me. The amount of feedback I got from my attempt to call out all the parking dumb-dumbs last week is inspiring. So, each week, I will highlight a terrible parking job that you share so that we can come together as a community and right this wrong.

Like this one from Steve in Rhinebeck:

I dunno, Steve. Maybe five signs and 3 cones telling someone not to park isn't enough. They should try going into the double-digits next time, I suppose.

Nicki emailed these gems from the parking lot outside the Poughkeepsie Galleria:

Was he/she looking for a head start on the way out of the parking lot...?

Brooklynn got in touch on Twitter to share a horrendous parking job seen in Middletown:

Generally, it's a good policy to park where there aren't handicap-space-lines, but hey: glad to know the laws don't apply to you, slugger! Keep on living your life like you don't have to follow rules.

Thanks Brooklynn! Hopefully this post will spark some minor brain synapse of a guilty conscience in this individual.

Here's one from Budd:


From Nicole:

I love the thought process of this person: "Eh... Close enough."

Here's Catherine's submission from Middletown:

If justice exists in this world, that car got clobbered by that shopping cart.

Paul was just going to get himself a beer in Poughkeepsie when this caught his eye (and probably prevented him from parking there):

Thank you to Lyndsay for this mountain-climber:

I feel for this guy because, hey, sometimes you've gotta park.

And then, Jaime hits us with the mother lode; her journeys around the Rhinebeck/Red Hook/Kingston area have resulted in no shortage of bad parking jobs:

Apparently Jaime is a magnet for absurdly bad parking.

Send your submissions of offensive parking to me on Twitter here or through Facebook here, or email me through the link on the top of the page!