Personally, whenever I visit a coffee shop I feel like I'm in a scene out of Gilmore Girls and acting out my inner Loreli Gilmore. I digress.

Cornwall Coffee & Merchential/Instagram

The Hudson Valley Runs on...Local?

Of course, the HV is home to your chain locations like Starbucks and Dunkin and yes, we know Stewart's Coffee is some of the best in New York State. But what about those small local businesses that are family-run and operated by your neighbors in town?

10 Hudson Valley Coffee Shops to Visit

After some research, including experience that I've had personally, I came up with a list of 10 Hudson Valley Coffee  Shops You'll Love...'A Latte.' Yes, I've had the coffee puns brewing since I started writing this article.

Living in the Beacon area, I've frequented places like Bank Square and Trax Espresso Bar on Main Street. I've also wandered over to Cornwall to try out Cornwall Coffee & Merchential after a friend told me they sold axes there. I thought he was lying...turns out he wasn't!

Coffee and beer seem to be a popular combo too with places like 2 Alice's and Underground Coffee & Ales. Basically, they're serving up whatever pick-me-up you may need throughout the day, and I dig it.

Trax/ Instagram
Trax/ Instagram

Do you have a favorite local coffee shop in the Hudson Valley? Where is it? What's your go-to menu item? Let us know and we'll gladly

10 Hudson Valley Coffee Shops You'll Love 'A Latte'

Whether you're celebrating National Coffee Day or just looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, these 10 local coffee shops know how to brew-it! 

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