Here's something you might have never thought about. New York State is home to 11 different ghost towns. Yes, ghost towns like the old west? Here's everything you need to know about them.

What Exactly Is A Ghost Town?

According to Merriam-Webster, a ghost town is defined as the following- a once-flourishing town wholly or nearly deserted usually as a result of the exhaustion of some natural resource.

When Did Ghost Towns Become Popular?

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Many travel experts credit an episode of The Brady Bunch from 1971 as causing a wave of research and travel to these towns. The episode was titled "Ghost Town U.S.A.", and you might remember this as the kickoff of the three-part Grand Canyon Episodes. This author remembers watching the re-runs on Nick At Nite during the summer.

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Each night of the week highlighted a classic show, and one night was devoted to the Brady Bunch:

The Bradys and Alice begin their trek to Grand Canyon, but a stop at a ghost town turns out to be a detour, after a mentally disordered prospector locks everyone in the jail, thinking they plan to steal his (non-existent) gold claim."

The Brady's were able to make it out and go on to enjoy their vacation.

Where Are Ghost Towns Located?

New York generally isn't the first place you think of for ghost towns. Many of these towns were founded during the mining boom in the late 1800s. Today, these areas memorialize the once bustling populations that lived there and give visitors a chance to discover the past.

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Where Are They Located In New York?

Ghost Towns across New York State are located as far south as near the New York City area, to being located way up in Upstate New York.

How Many Ghost Towns Does New York Technically Have?

According to our research, we have found 11. Here's a look at those:


11 Ghost Towns In New York State You've Never Heard Of

Did you know that New York State is home to 11 different ghost towns? Here' everything you need to know about them.

Take A Look At Parkville New York, A Ghost Town That Was Once A Beautiful Vacation Spot

What was once a peaceful beautiful vacation village in Upstate New York is now a town filled with mostly empty abandoned buildings. Have you heard of Parksville located in Central New York?

These photos are from the following YouTube videos: *GHOST TOWN* Parksville, NY, Parksville NY Exploration Montage (Ghost Town Adventure),

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter these properties. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Three Hidden Ghost Towns in New York State

Three amazingly mysterious ghost towns in New York State.