Several months back the local community rallied and raised money to restore the Poughkeepsie skate park in Waryas Park. The work cost around $4,000 and now that it's done, what comes next for the skate park?

The goal is to have it completely redone with a more durable material, concrete. The video below, produced by J. Butler and co-produced/starring Nick Colon, runs down what has been accomplished at the skate park and what remains to be done. Let's face it, there's not a lot of good places for kids to go hang out after school. But the skate park is very popular with people as young as 6 and all the way up to 50.

To contribute to the cause, visit the 'Save The Poughkeepsie Skate Park' Facebook page where you'll find a link to the Go Fund Me page. They are still well shy of their goal so anything you can do to help is appreciate.