19 alleged gang members were charged in "Operation Wipeout.” Two are accused of murdering a local teen, others with conspiracy to murder or drug charges.

On Tuesday, Orange County officials announced people allegedly associated with the Middletown-based "Coke Wave" gang were arrested and charged with crimes ranging from murder, narcotics sales and conspiracy. The effort has been named “Operation Wipeout.”

The charges arose out of an investigation into a group calling itself “Coke Wave” or “Coke Wave Boys,” which sold cocaine primarily in the Linden Avenue area of Middletown, officials say.

Tramel Morman, 25, and Juwan Dolson, 21, both of Middletown, were indicted by an Orange County grand jury for murder and criminal possession of a weapon. The pair is accused of killing Coree White on August 17, 2017, to help Coke Wave members’ conspiracy to sell narcotics in relation to an ongoing dispute with a rival gang, the Guap Gang.

“We will not tolerate the rise of violent street gangs hoping to profit from the devastation that narcotics are already wreaking on our communities,” Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler said. “The murder of Coree White is further proof that where there is organized narcotics dealing, gun violence inevitably follows."

The indictment also charges Isaya Dolson and Taino Lopez for conspiring with Morman and Juwan Dolson to murder White and for conspiring with Coke Wave members and other Coke Wave associates to distribute narcotics and engage in other illegal activities.

In total, “Operation Wipeout," led to two being charged with murder, four conspiracy to commit murder, 13 with conspiracy to sell drugs and other drug offense. Six additional people were charged with narcotics offenses after multiple search warrants, officials say. The search warrant allegedly led to the discovery of over 400 glassines of heroin.

Below are the names of those arrested, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office.

Tramel Morman, Juwan Dolson, Isaya Dolson, Taino Lopez, Angelina Gabriele, Jaleel Dolson, Michael Jackson, Develle Williams, Tyree Mannings, Sean Lennon, Ursula Berry, Miguel Colon, Georgette Dolson, Woodrow Vickers, Rodney Batista, Artemio Dolson and John Floyd III.

Authorities are hoping for help in finding Mason Milligan and Traquan Dolson.