The Hudson Valley and another part of New York State reported the highest number of move-outs in comparison to most other parts of the United States.

Moving company PODS recently posted about the top places in the United States where people are moving to and from in 2022. PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage. It's a moving and storage company that was founded in 1998.

Cities in the United States With Most Growth

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In terms of cities seeing the most growth, Sarasota, Florida ranked first, followed by Dallas, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; and Tampa Bay, Florida.

"Americans are overwhelmingly choosing to move to the states in the Southeast, including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. It’s likely more than just that sweet southern charm and tea that’s attracting them, too. These states have historically lower costs of living, less volatile seasonal weather changes, and more space and access to nature,' PODS Blog states.

New York State Does Not Make List For Most Growth

No place in New York made the Top 20 cities with the most growth, according to PODs.


However, two regions in New York State, including the Hudson Valley, made the Top 10 for the highest number of move-outs, according to PODs.

Hudson Valley, Long Island Report Highest Move-Out Numbers in Nation

Long Island, New York has the fourth most move-outs in all of the United States. The Hudson Valley ranked ninth on the list of the "cities with the highest move-out numbers."

State taxes, cost of living, and soaring real estate prices are a big reason why people are moving out of the Hudson Valley and Long Island, officials say.

Many New Yorkers are ditching the Empire State for Florida, according to PODS.

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"Although housing prices in Florida continue to rise, you’ll still get more bang for your buck — or space for your dollar," PODS states. "A big perk of claiming Florida residency is the lack of state income tax — a huge boon for anyone relocating from tax-heavy states such as New York or California."

Los Angeles and San Francisco were the cities with the highest number of move-outs. Chicago and Central New Jersey ranked third and fifth.

In related news, Piece of Cake, a New York City-based moving company, released its "Makin' Moves Report." The annual survey shows were New York City residents moved the most in the past year.

The Hudson Valley was "the hottest region" in the Tri-State area for movers. Below are the counties and towns in the Hudson Valley where New York City residents moved the most.

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