Call it a meeting of the minds. Or a meeting of the Moons, as the case may be. One of Kingston’s most popular burger joints will be teaming up with one of Woodstock’s favorite bagel places, and the results are going to be amazing. I was just reading about it and my mouth is watering. Want to hear more?

Moonburger in Kingston, which has quickly become an Ulster County favorite, and Moonrise Bagels in Woodstock have gotten together to create a “Moonster Frankenstein” called the Smash Bagel for the spooky season. What is this monstrous creation? It’s a Moonburger Smash Burger inside of a Moonrise bagel. It’s griddled Impossible meat, sautéed onions, American cheese, and dill pickles. Inside a bagel and topped with crispy onions. Sounds delicious, right? But there is a catch.

This delicious limited edition treat will be available for one weekend only, this weekend Saturday, Oct. 22 and Sunday, Oct. 23. The good news is that this deliciousness will be available at Both Moonburger at 5 Powells Lane in Kingston and Moonrise Bagels at 68 Tinker Street in Woodstock. Kind of like a Pop Up Burger, which is popping up at 2 locations this weekend.

Right now the fall foliage is incredible here in the Hudson Valley and a drive to either Kingston or Woodstock is sure to include some bright colors and if you’re like me, cool shops to check out in both towns.. And it’s supposed to be a nice, sunny weekend. Here’s an idea… get one at Moonburger in Kingston, and then head to Woodstock. By the time you get there, you’ll probably be hungry for another one and you can hit Moonrise Bagels. 

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