I understand that spending that much money on any clothing is over the top but I had a good reason.

If you've ever gone clothes shopping you already know that if budget is something you are trying to follow there are certain stores that you need to stay away from. Anytime my teenage daughter askes me to take her shopping there are a few stores that I refuse to even walk into. I won't name any of them but if you have kids you know the stores I'm talking about...LOL!

One article of clothing that can set you back a bunch is a name-brand pair of jeans. Back about 8 years ago I spent way more money on a pair than I have ever before and today, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I dropped just over $200 of a pair of Diesel Brand jeans.

I understand that's a CRAZY amount of money for jeans but my reason behind the ridiculous purchase is a valid one. Like 8 years ago I wound up losing a bunch of weight and after being large my entire life I could never buy clothes like that before because they never had my size.

After I lost all that weight the first purchase I went out and did was that one pair of jeans. I think I even bought an Ed Hardy t-shirt for $100 that day as well. Yeah, I was trying to get in touch with my inner Jersey Shore personality....LOL!

No matter what my reason is, I'm still embarrassed to admit I spent that much on any article of clothing! Have you ever made a crazy purchase like this? What was the most amount of money you ever spent on a single article of clothing? Take any sort of formal wear off the table and think about things you wear on a weekly basis, once you have something call or text us through the Wolf Country app.

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