Every Friday at 5 pm Simon counts down the top 5 most requested songs of the week with the WRRV Buzzcuts.

Even though we're in the midst of a double play for the holiday weekend, we've got to take time to run down the biggest songs of the week. Beck has had quite a run with 'Up All Night', and his new album Colors is jammed packed with great music so be on the lookout for more of that action. Keep your eyes peeled for Weezer on the road with The Pixies next summer, 'Happy Hour' lands at number four. 'Walk On Water' the Thirty Seconds to Mars version, is at number three. Someone should have told Eminem there was already a song out there with that title. Walk the Moon were just barely held off by the new track from Dashboard Confessional, 'We Fight'. Don't miss Dashboard at WRRV Sessions on January 23rd.

5. Beck 'Up All Night'

4. Weezer 'Happy Hour'

3. Thirty Seconds To Mars 'Walk On Water'

2. Walk The Moon 'One Foot'

1. Dashboard Confessional 'We Fight'