Every news channel and website is covering this war.  We all watched in disbelief as Russian military forces invaded a sovereign county. The issues between the two nations are not new.

A conflict between the two nations was almost inevitable. The Russian - Ukrainian War has been an ongoing conflict since 2014. Despite several agreements that they have made peace, the two countries have not been able to keep it. In February of 2021, Russian forces started to build up around the Ukrainian border. It's been about 6 months and the war between Russia and Ukraine doesn't seem to be deescalating. The casualties seem to be mounting and another citizen from the United States was killed while fighting in Ukraine.

According to NBC News, another man was killed while in combat fighting against Russian forces.

Stephen Zabielski died while fighting in Dorozhniank, Ukraine. NBC claimed that the State Department has reached out to the family of the 52-year-old ex-Marine.

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Zabielski was currently living in Hernando, Florida but his obituary in the Recorder stated that grew up near Amsterdam, New York.

Ukraine And Russia In Back-And-Forth Battle On Donbas Frontlines
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Sadly, the first citizen to die fighting in Ukraine was also from the Hudson Valley region of New York. 22-year-old Joseph Cancel was also a former Marine who flew to Poland with thousands of other volunteers to help the people and military of Ukraine. Cancel grew up in Orange County and reportedly left behind a wife and infant child.

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Amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine that began in February 2022, several rock and metal bands came up with ways to offer tangible support for affected Ukrainians. See some below.

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