I started the New Year off saying I was going to come up with resolutions for 2021. In reality, my New Year resolutions actually found me. I realized that certain situations and experiences were already shaping the way I was thinking with the start of 2021. It seems that I have already found growth within this fresh start. My friends held a girls night where we were each given a journal and a pretty, sparkly pen. We were told to write down 3 things that were grateful for when we wake up in the morning. I can honestly say that this has shifted my mindset already.

I am a firm believer of positive thinking and putting things out into the universe for all good. If we can take anything at this moment in time is to want to better ourselves for a brighter year. Here are some reasons to also continue keeping a journal with the start of the New Year.

  • Gratitude

As I mentioned before, I have felt the shift within my mind already just by journaling. Showing gratitude allows us to see what we have in our life and focus on the positive aspect of that. Being aware of what you are thankful for then allows us to welcome in positive intentions.

  • Achieve goals

I’ve always heard to write down our goals so that they are easily attainable. If you write down what you hope to achieve it already puts it out there for it to happen. Writing down your goals is also as if you are watering a garden and watching the flowers bloom.

  • Reduce anxiety and or stress

I have also kept a journal to write down any anxiety or stress that I was feeling. I was told that when we are done writing down these emotions to burn the pages (safely, outside that is). Writing down what you are feeling is a great way to express your emotions and then to let them go. Get to the bottom of anxiety and or stress to bring in space for positivity.

  • Write about your day

Journaling can be fun to simply just write about how your day went. I remember growing up and having a diary with a lock on it. Fast forward to my adult life and I’m writing in a journal once again. It’s also interesting to look back to see what you did on a certain day and track your growth.

  • Share special memories

I am a fan of taking a lot of pictures with friends, family and while traveling. I print out the pictures I capture that hold a special place in my heart. I have friends who write down their memories while on vacation to always keep it with them. It’s important to capture these memories and keep them with us to help remind us that life may get rough but it’s always worth it.

Which journaling idea interests you the most? Share with us below.

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