If you plan on going to an outdoor fitness class offered by your local gym then you might want to pack these items. It will make your experience far better.

It seems like gyms have really gotten the short end of the stick since about mid March. Most people though the government would shut them down for about two weeks and we'd be back to our routine in no time at all. About six months later we've finally heard some news about them opening up.

Many gyms in the Hudson Valley adapted in some way. A few local fitness centers recently started to offer classes outside. Even though gyms will be opening their doors soon they will only be allowed to operate at roughly 30% capacity. While the weather is nice outdoor classes may not be leaving anytime soon.

If you haven't signed up for an outdoor class yet here are some essential things you might need to make their way in to your gym bag. I learned the hard way.


5 Essentials You'll Need For an Outdoor Workout at Your Local Gym