As you drive you have more than likely been in situations which have you shaking your head and saying that you have seen it all. Here are 5 Hudson Valley Road Rules, that if everyone just used when behind the wheel, would benefit themselves and other drivers. There order is no particular order of importance, they are all important, you should use them.

  • Use your blinker. Simple, right? A blinker indicates you are turning. Want to turn? Use your blinker. Did you already turn and your blinker didn't turn off? Then turn your blinker off.
  • Maintan your lane position. If you are in a lane stay in it, don't drift into the other lane and then hang out in the middle of the two lanes or driving half on the shoulder. Get in the lane and unless you are using your blinker to change lanes or pass someone, maintain good lane position.
  • Use your headlights when it is raining, dusk or just getting a challenge not only for you to see, but also for you to be seen. The whole headlights on when you are using your windshield wipers is actually a NYS law. Will you or can you get pulled over for it? I don't know, I am not a cop.
  • When you see a Yield sign, YIELD. Mirriam Webster defines yield as to surrender to relinquish. When you have the yield sign you are supposed to slow and wait to merge into traffic. Yield does not give you the right of way. Yield says, be patient and slowly work your way in.
  • Park in an actual parking spot. If you have an awesome car and don't want anyone to hurt your car, just park all the way at the end of the parking lot. If you pull your car in to a spot and you are not straight, or you are too close to another car, take the few minutes to back out of the spot and straighten up. This two or three minutes can also help to protect your car door.

Do you have any additional road rules that you think would help make things smooth for all drivers in the Hudson Valley let us know.


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