It's Friday the 13th! Right now, Jason Voorhees is sitting alone at Camp Crystal Lake, waiting for a new group of teenagers to arrive so that he can give them a surprise (which I'm sure will be all in good fun), but for the rest of us, we have to watch our step. There are a lot of different superstitions people have, and most of them are ridiculous, but these five Hudson Valley superstitions are anything but. In fact, they are completely real and true and you should definitely believe them.

1. If you're on the Walkway Over The Hudson, you need to walk on your hands when you enter and exit. If you don't, you'll lose your wallet for two weeks.

2. Running a red light on Route 9 will bring you seven years of bad luck. But getting through a yellow light on Route 9 right before it turns red will bring you 25 years of free pancakes.

3. If you see a black cat in New Paltz, do not panic. That is just Jeff, and he will pay for your first round at McGillicuddy's if you ask him.

4. Stepping on a crack in Beacon will break a hipster's collection of Arcade Fire records.

5. Opening an umbrella inside Angry Orchard in Walden will make it rain hard cider for 13 days.

Any Hudson Valley superstitions that I missed? Feel free to post your own.

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