We are just about two weeks from Thanksgiving Thursday and one of the ways to come out on top of the family food feast fun-anza, is to plan ahead. Ok, I really wanted to use the words showdown or competition, but felt a deeper desire to work with the 'f' alliteration, so indulge me people.

Maybe your prep time an stove space only allows you to make your mac n cheese, quickly in a skillet, and by quickly I mean about 25 minutes. I usually don't have a spare space on either the cook top or in the oven, so I think I will be trying the crock pot mac n cheese, not sure I am a fan of the condensed milk, but will try it in advance of the big day to see how it works.

Maybe, there should be a new tradition of having 'Ranch Style Mac n Cheese?' What could possibly be more American than mixing something with Ranch Dressing? Maybe we should look at the abundance of cheese that is available to us? How about a 4 cheese mac n cheese? More cheese is always supposed to be better, right?

Wait, maybe I should make the Mac N Cheese that my mom would make for my sisters and I as kids? No disrespect to my mom, but I think I will be trying a different Mac N Cheese recipe this year. Do you have one that you think is great and want to share it? Brandi@wrrv.com.