When I hear anything about Catskill, I automatically think of my visits there. There’s so much to see in the Hudson Valley and I’m thankful that I get to live and explore here. I love the small town feel that each and every town brings.

Whether you’re a history buff, someone who enjoys nature or simply like to window shop, Catskill truly has it all. 

Here are a few neat places that are worth checking out.

Uncle Sam’s House

My sister took me to Catskill to show me the history behind the town. I was surprised to learn that Uncle Sam himself had a house there. There is a historical marker on site with a statue of him. Uncle Sam lived at this residence in 1817 until 1823. He was known as the official symbol of the US. 

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Main Street Shops

I personally love window shopping, it’s therapeutic. Last summer, I took a stroll down Main Street and got a smoothie, stopped in a local boutique and chatted with locals. If you love the small town feel, be sure to take a walk along this historic little village.

Catskill Cats

Anything cat related excites me. If you haven’t had a chance see the Catskill Cats, you must check it out. Cat’n Around Catskill consists of cat statues that are locally made. You can choose one for yourself. Each cat statue has a name and a story behind it. Seeing the Catskill Cats made my entire trip there, absolutely worth it.

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Martin Van Buren’s marriage

The 8th president of US was married in Catskill, New York. Martin Van Buren got married in Uncle Sam’s house in 1807 to Hannah Hoes. Imagine how incredible the wedding was at Uncle Sam’s house with friends of  Martin Van Buren. The house was built in 1797.

Thomas Cole National Historic Site

Thomas Cole is known as being an American artist and environmentalist. In 1825, it was said that Cole fell in love with the beauty of the Hudson Valley, especially in Catskill. He then had a studio in Catskill and also rented a building at Cedar Grove. This residence is now known as Thomas Cole National Historic Site. 

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Have you ever been to Catskill before? What was your favorite part? Let us know below. Happy traveling!

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