Looking to enjoy a day (or a few days) with friends here in the Hudson Valley? There are many places that you can visit and have a great time, but here are a few that you want to make sure you don't miss!

  • Millbrook Winery. Yes, their wines are pretty awesome, but there is more than that. Look for the art in the barn, the music on the evenings and weekends, plus the food truck festivals. The wine to try? The Tocai (white) and Hunt Country Red or Cabernet Franv
  • Clinton Vineyards, another beautiful location, with great wines. The history of the winery is great, but take the time to try their Peche', their sparkling wine and their cassis.
  • Sloop Brewing, East Fishkill, there are a lot of great places making super tasty beer in Dutchess County. Sloop is great for their innovative beers. Ask them what their hot beer of the moment is, but make time to try the Juice Bomb.
  • Plan Bee Farm Brewery, Poughkeepsie. These guys make great farm style beers, natural yeasts, natural fermentations, made from ingredients on their farm. Try everything, well, only try everything if you have a designated driver. Grab a few things to take home.
  • Hillrock Estate Distillery, Ancram. This is just one of the distilleries in Dutchess County, but to this point, this is the one with the largest global awareness. You will need to make an appointment to visit this one, but if you are in to high end bourbon and whiskey, try their "OG" their Solera Cask Bourbon.

Is there another place that we should add to our list? Dennings Point Distillery? If you have time, Beacon, NY has many restaurants and shops as well. Make sure to plan your day (or few days) in advance. Cheers.

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