Have you been able to visit any of the amazing wineries that are located in the Hudson Valley region of New York? When people think of great wines, most will think of France, Italy, or even California, but there are wines being produced in the Hudson Valley of New York that can rival those top-scoring wines.

What is the best wine? The best wine is one that you like to drink. You don't need to know any fancy words or be able to pair the wine you like with a particular type of food. Don't worry about the type of glass, or the type of corkscrew that you use, just sit back relax and try some wine. 

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Which wineries are a part of the Dutchess County, New York Wine Trail?


One of the premier wineries in Dutchess County and one that a lot of people might be familiar with is Millbrook Winery, 26 Wing Road, Millbrook. They sell red wines, white wines and rose'. They are also one of the few wineries in the United States to make wine from the Tocai Fruliano Grape (white wine), this wine has ripe fruit, a medium to light body and a dry, fruit-forward finish. Make sure to try that along with the Hunt Country wines.

Which winery on the Dutchess County Wine Trail is the newest? Do they have a rose'?


The newest winery on the Dutchess County Wine Trail is Milea Estate Vineyard, which is located at 450 Hollow RD, in Staatsburg, NY. They will be featuring their rose's on weekends in June. Make sure to try those, plus if you are looking to try some new grapes, make sure to try their Blaufrankisch, and their Baco Noir, two great, flavorful wines that will pair well with many different types of food.

Is there a winery on the Dutchess County Wine Trail that has great wines and bubblies?

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There is another winery on the wine trail one that has wines, sparkling wines, and dessert liquors. The winery is Clinton Vineyards, 450 Schultzville Rd, Clinton Corners. They have a light sparkling called Jubilee, a fresh spritzy sparkling called Kir Royal, plus the awesome Seyval Sparkling (made like a Champagne). Other wines to try include are the Victory White and their dessert Cassis.

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