I know we've got some time until apple picking season but I thought I'd just try to get ahead of it.

Every year we have the same complaint. Why does everyone come up from the city only to crowd the things we love to do the most? There was definitely an influx of people all year long because of COVID but ordinarily they like to come out during the fall only to crowd the apple orchards. Have you seen how some of these people look at a fresh picked apple? It's like they are an alien who just learned about the fruit for the first time.

I'm not going to say they shouldn't come up here at all. I know they have an economical benefit to the region. They spend their money here. They use out gas pumps, eat at our restaurants and buy drinks from our bars but we need to space them out. We can't have them all here in the same areas in the same season.

Do they not know there's plenty of things to enjoy here all year long in the Hudson Valley.


Recently I came across a thread on Reddit where a person who was visiting the Hudson Valley for one day asked what they should do in the for fun. Here are the top five suggestions that people recommended.

Do you have any ideas? What would you add to the list?

Here are 5 things they can do that don't involve any apples at all.

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