I miss the good old days when we complained about pumpkin spice arriving too early.

I could be wrong but I think we may have skipped a few steps. Christmas is still in December this year, right? I'm just wondering if I missed some sort of memo about starting it off way early.

I don't want to sound like the Grinch here but it seems like a bit too soon to be starting  Christmas and other Holiday festivities that normally begin a week after November. This should say a lot coming from me because I love Christmas. Next to Halloween, Christmas is one of my most cherished holidays but this just seems like a cruel joke.

When the pandemic first hit people all over the country and even the Hudson Valley started to display their Christmas decorations to start to spread some positivity and some cheer. At a time where most of us were scared or confused I could understand why we'd want to be reminded of merrier times but novelty quickly wore off.

I had to do a double take while shopping earlier this week when I noticed this particular store had already begun to sell Christmas decorations during the first week in September. As it turns out, several other stores in the Hudson Valley have decided to follow suite. We haven't even made it to Labor Day.

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