So it's cold outside and you really don't want to bring everything from your car into the house. Let's say it has something to do with you being really tired and nothing to do with you just being plain lazy.

Here are a few things that you really cannot leave in the car when the temps drops, from USAToday:

  • Your cellphone. This one shouldn't be too hard. More than likely you are semi-attached to it. Make sure that it is charged too, just in case the power goes out.
  • Soda, Beer, Wine, Beverages. Ok, you might have put a soda into the freezer when you were a kid and it exploded? Remember how it stunk when your mom made you clean the freezer? Think about how awful it would be to have to clean your car? Yep and at least the freezer was a small confined space. Cleaning soda or beer off the headliner of the car could take you months to get all those spots clean.
  • Musical Instruments. These are fragile little things, especially if they are made of wood, because wood will expand and contract. A guitar could actually crack if exposed to a drastic change in temperature.
  • Eggs. Again, there is a large percentage of water in these. The water will freeze, the contents will expand, causing the eggs to crack.
  • Canned Foods. Imagine that can of tuna expanding all over the back seat of your car. Then imagine the smell of any remnants in a hot July. Just bring them in the house.
  • Medication. You might think that this is limited to just liquid medications, but the cold can also reduce efficacy in pills and capsules.
  • Don't leave your car with a low gas tank. Remember that fuel lines in a car can freeze. It is also a reminder to check all of the fluids for your car, including windshield washer fluid and coolant.

Do you know of an item that we should include on this list? Let us know.