Eight Hudson Valley restaurants have been ranked among the best in the nation, and most of them are surprisingly affordable.

It's not surprising that the region has been recognized for having some of the nation's best restaurants. The Hudson Valley has a wide array of spectacular dining options. From family-owned restaurants passed down for generations to innovative chefs opening hip bistros with modern cuisine, we're lucky to have access to such amazing food.

This month, Wine Spectator released its Restaurant Awards, recognizing chefs who cater to wine lovers. These exceptional restaurants must offer wines that are appropriate to their outstanding cuisine, have "interesting selections" and appeal to a wide range of wine enthusiasts.

Among the eight Hudson Valley restaurants that made the list, two were recognized with a Best of Award of Excellence for having an exceptionally broad wine list with usually over 350 selections.


While you might think that the restaurants on this list are too fancy or expensive for the average person, these Hudson Valley establishments are actually affordable and easily accessible to everyone. In fact, all of the local restaurants that were selected by Wine Spectator are either listed as "inexpensive" or "moderate". An inexpensive restaurant is defined as costing less than $40 for a two-course meal, moderate restaurants generally cost between $40 and $65 per person.  These prices don't include tips or beverages but are still quite a bargain for those looking to dine at a world-class restaurant.

Scroll down to see all eight restaurants that made the list and let us know if you agree that they're among the best in the nation.

8 Hudson Valley Restaurants Recognized as Best in Nation

Eight restaurants in the Hudson Valley have been named best in the nation in the 2022 Wine Spectator Awards.

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