Is it a coincidence that the end of the school year for our kids lines up perfectly with hot temperatures, heat waves and zero desire to get in the kitchen and cook dinner?

I think not.


Luckily, I stumbled across some information that might come in handy for tired Hudson Valley parents who want to be budget friendly, but also take the kids out for a meal now and again.

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The Average Cost of Dinner Out in New York State

The price of just about everything has skyrocketed lately, remember when eggs were more than $5 a dozen and we were all going nuts?

A recent study, which has results broken down by state indicates that the average cost of a meal when you go out to eat is about $25 in New York State. With that in mind, you're looking at $100 to take a family of four out to dinner.


There are quite a few local places that do offer some sort of BOGO or discounted kids meals with the purchase of an adult entree, or some other qualifying purchase, let's take a look at those options.

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Kids Eat Free (or discounted) At These Hudson Valley Spots

  • TGI Fridays
    • On Tuesdays, all day long, kids eat free at TGI Friday with the purchase of $20 of additional menu items.
  • Chili's
Google street images
Google street images
  • Denny's
    • Similar to Chili's, Denny's Rewards members can get free kids meals that span across breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • IHOP
    • At IHOP locations, kiddos can get a free meal with the purchase of any adult meal between the hours or 4 and 10pm.
Restaurant Chains Applebee's And IHOP To Close Over 100 Stores
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  • Ruby Tuesday
    • At Ruby Tuesday locations, kids eat free after 5pm on Tuesdays, dine-in only, kids 12 and under.
  • Red Robin
    • The first Wednesday of the month at Red Robin, kids can eat free for every adult meal that is purchased.
    • There's also 50% off for kids on Wednesdays, even with to-go ordering at Red Robin.
  • Texas Roadhouse
    • Kids eat for $1.99 at Texas Roadhouse on Tuesdays for Kids Night!

Are there any other places we missed, or any locally owned businesses here in the Hudson Valley that offer great discounts for the kiddos?

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