There's a reason that your commute could be the most stressful part of your day.

Some people don't like to drive and they simply rely on public transportation or ride shares. Do you ever wonder if these people are far more happy than the rest of us?

Do other drivers stress you out? How about parallel parking? Whether you're in a narrow spot on the Taconic, traffic on the Newburgh Beacon Bridge, or you're trying to find a parking spot at the grocery store what's one thing that drives you crazy while on the roads in the Hudson Valley?

The roads are getting busy again as more people head back to work and kids return to the classroom. New York roadways have the perception of being dangerous but even with all the speeding, texting and tailgating we don't even make the top 5 in the U.S. Though the state of New York doesn't have the most dangerous roads in the country that doesn't make them safe by any means. According to New York State Department of Health, there is an average of over 12,000 hospitalizations due to automobile related accidents.

What stresses you out the most about driving in the Hudson Valley?

Digital Hub conducted a list of the most stressful things that drivers experience. Here are some things that topped the list.

  1. Tailgating
  2. Driving in narrow lanes
  3. Warning lights
  4. Parallel parking
  5. Driving in the snow
  6. Potholes
  7. Traffic
  8. Finding a parking space
  9. Bicyclists

Do you agree with the list? Do any of these things stress you while you're driving?