If you went to go see Star Wars this weekend and were turned away when the theater was sold out, there's a chance you may have ended up seeing the new Owen Wilson/Ed Helms comedy Father Figures. And then you may have made the discovery that at least part of the film is set right here in the Hudson Valley.

Father Figures, a new movie in which Owen Wilson and Ed Helms go on a journey to find their real father, takes a detour to Beacon when they meet a potential father played by J.K. Simmons. Presumably, the movie takes a bunch of wacky turns from there before we reach a heartwarming lesson about how the real father was in our hearts all along or something (I haven't seen it).

The movie was not filmed in Beacon, however, but was mostly shot in Atlanta and Miami. So if you see the movie, don't be on the lookout for any familiar sights. Still, the fact that a Hudson Valley town is the setting for a movie in theaters right now is pretty cool.