With Father's Day approaching this Sunday, I find myself reflecting on the highs and lows of single fatherhood, especially with my son, Ryan Roberts the Sequel, as I affectionately call him, by my side. From the break of dawn to the quiet of nightfall, each moment presents its own unique challenges and triumphs.


The recent mishap of Ryan spilling his Coca-Cola on my work computer served as a stark reminder of the hurdles that come with solo parenthood. As I frantically tried to salvage the computer, I couldn't help but chuckle at the irony. It reminded me of my own childhood mishaps and the trouble they caused my own parents, moments that I can now look back on and laugh. Despite the initial setback of Ryan's Coca-Cola spillage on my work computer, I was relieved when it finally booted up after a few days and a few cleanings, reminding me that even in moments of frustration, there is always room for resolution and growth.


Single fatherhood is often misunderstood and underestimated, burdened by societal expectations and financial strains. Balancing the demands of providing for Ryan while managing household expenses feels like walking a tightrope, with sacrifices becoming second nature.

As Father's Day approaches, let us recognize and celebrate the resilience of single fathers and the bond we share with our children. Let us extend empathy, understanding, and resources to lighten their load and honor their unwavering commitment to their children.

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I am confident that Ryan and I can continue to thrive and provide for each other, one step at a time. With Ryan Roberts the Sequel finally done with school, our upcoming move to the Hudson Valley signifies a new chapter filled with hope and opportunity for us both.


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