Parts of the Hudson Valley saw intense weather over the weekend with reports of hail, thunderstorms and a confirmed tornado.

On Friday November 12th, meteorologist called for heavy rains and winds across the mid-Hudson region.  Dangerous weather was said to continue later Saturday afternoon November 13th, as well.

Friday's storm brought a confirmed tornado to Dutchess County. According to the National Weather Service an EF-1 tornado touched down in Millbrook at 11:15 am on Friday morning.

The National Weather Service wrote on Twitter:

Storm survey completed yesterday confirmed an EF-1 tornado touched down in eastern Dutchess County, NY on Friday November 12, 2021.

Wind strength went up to 90 miles per hour and the EF-1 tornado traveled 2.5 miles with an estimated width path of 100 to 200 yards. Thankfully, there are no fatalities reported. Hudson Valley Weather added additional information about where the tornado made landfall writing:

Tornado touched down on November 12, 2021 just southwest of
Killearn Road in the town of Washington around 1115 AM EST. The
tornado traveled northeast for 2.5 miles, ending just northeast of
Butts Hollow Road. The tornado caused damage to numerous trees
along its path. A number of homes and cars were damaged by
falling trees. The tornado destroyed one shed at a farm near the
intersection of Route 343 and Little Rest Road.

The weather was no better heading into Saturday, November 13th. Tri-State Weather on Facebook captured this scene of hail across I-87 in Tuxedo Park:


The Hudson Valley is no stranger to intense weather. Over the summer, tornados and microburst were reported as well as heavy flooding after Tropical Storm Ida swept into the mid-Hudson region in September.

Did you see the tornado touch down? We're you effected by this weekends weather? Share your photos and stories with us on Facebook or through the stations mobile app.

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