Sitting up once your comfortable is so last year. A Couch Coaster could be the laziest thing ever invented but it's genius and I need one in my life.

A coffee table is cool and all but there's a pretty big problem with it. If your coffee or drink is on it then that means you need to get up when you want to take a sip. The obvious place to hold to keep your drink close by would be on your belly. However, there's one flaw with that plan too. If and when you fall asleep you risk making quite the mess.

For $25.00 you can solve the problem that only us lazy people really had.

The Couch Coaster is a one size fits all drink holder that fits directly on the arm of your couch.

This is something that's mentioned in my letter to Santa this year.

I may have spilled my last beer on the couch while watching a game on Sunday.

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