A Dutchess County high school was placed under lock down early Monday morning, October 22nd.

The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office released a statement on their official Facebook page that explained at 10am Monday morning they received a phone call regarding "a possible threat at the Arlington High School."

After the 911 call was placed the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office School Resource Officer assigned to Arlington High School notified the staff and administration were  immediately. The Resource Officer and additional Sheriff's Office Deputies investigated the situation. 

At approximately 11:15am the lock down was dismissed as the threat was determined to be a prank. While the threat was not imminent, sheriff's deputies stayed on location at Arlington High School for the remainder of the day.

Around 5:30pm Monday afternoon the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office released another press release that a student had been arrested. They explain a 15 year old male student was arrested and was charges with "falsely reporting an incident."

The student was referred to Family Court for further action.