If you pay attention to movies at all, you'll know that Marvel's Black Panther made all of the money this weekend. All of it. If there was money to be made, Black Panther has it now. It took in over $200 million in the US in just four days. It made more in its opening weekend than Justice League did during its entire run. It's a legit cultural phenomenon, and one that's clearly resonating with audiences.

As part of a collaboration with the My Brother's Keeper initiative, Monroe College, which has a campus in New Rochelle, sent over 230 Yonkers students to go see the movie this weekend. The My Brother's Keeper initiative is a program started by former President Barack Obama with the goal to improve opportunities for boys and men of color.

Black Panther features an almost-entirely black cast and is heavily steeped in African culture, which is rare for a blockbuster film of this scale. Marc Jerome, the president of Monroe College, said he thinks "the kids were excited to see the movie, but were really proud to see people like them almost exclusively on the screen. The theater was filled with black and Latino boys who were just reflecting the power and the energy and the uplifting nature of the movie — there really was a palpable good feeling in the theater."

Black Panther is in theaters right now, and you should probably go see it, because it's great. And if you've already seen it but can't wait to return to Wakanda, don't worry - the country and several of its characters will be appearing in Avengers: Infinity War, which hits theaters in just a few months.

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