We've seen a huge growth in movies and TV shooting in the Hudson Valley over the last few years, and now we can add a streaming giant to the list. 

A Netflix TV series was filming at D.D.'s Diner in Ossining this past week. It's unclear what show it was, though the upcoming show Maniac was filming in the same town in August. It's likely that it's the same show, which is a dark comedy starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone created by Cary Fukunaga, who worked on the first season of True Detective and directed the Netflix original movie Beasts of No Nation.

But, let's use this space to speculate wildly! Sure, it's probably Maniac, but it could be anything! Maybe Orange is the New Black is relocating its cast from a women's prison to a cozy Hudson Valley diner. Maybe Kimmy and Titus take a trip out of the city and need to find pancakes in the next season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Maybe Bojack Horseman will be live-action next season and people will finally believe me when I say it's Netflix's best show!

Do you have a guess? What's your favorite Netflix show? Are you watching Bojack Horseman? Because seriously, get on that, it's great.

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