I'm sure you've come across a George Lopez meme or two as you take your regular scroll through social media feeds.  My favorite are the ones that hint act the fact that all of us, at one time or another, watched reruns of The George Lopez show in the middle of the night back in the mid to late 2000's - there is just something about Low Rider blaring from your TV and watching George and his TV family fly through the air that captures your attention at 3am, right?

When I found out that George Lopez would be coming to UPAC in Kingston, I knew I wanted to be in the house, the guy is so funny and I love a good night of laughs.  I also knew I needed to bring someone who loves watching the 3am reruns as much as me - my dad!

Off we went for a little dad/daughter date night in Kingston.  Grabbed some pizza before the show and then headed to the theater.

Bryan Kellen opened and definitely got the crowd going, his jokes were not only hysterical but so relatable.  By the time George took the stage plenty of people already had tears (myself included) from laughing so hard.  We joke that when my dad really gets going with his laughing that he 'frown laughs' and he definitely was, the entire night.

Low Rider played from the speakers, naturally, and George Lopez gave us an awesome night of comedy, covering tons of topics and tossing in a few of his infamous lines as well. His facial expressions brought me right back to the mid 2000's like it was yesterday.

After the show we had the opportunity to meet both George and Brian, and my dad thought he was the coolest guy at the meet and greet, not only because he was meeting them, but felt the need to tell anyone that would listen that I was a DJ at the station (#prouddad). In typical Val fashion, I geeked out a little when shaking George's hand and taking the picture.

All in all, a great night out in the Hudson Valley - I say it all the time, but we're so lucky to have such great venues in the area, and even luckier that some big names come through.

Were you at the show, and if so, what did you think?