Trying to figure out which beer to pair with your Turkey feast? This week's Beer of the Week goes great with that dinner.

Thanksgiving is great for a number of reasons: family, friends, food, and most importantly beer. What's better than hanging out and eating delicious food while finding beers to pair with it?


So that's why this week, we bring you Troegs HopBack Amber Ale. Why? Well, it's a beer with a ton of flavor and hop character but moderate bitterness. So it's going to stand up to anything you're eating, but it's not going to annihilate your palate to the point where everything tastes the same.

Head on over to Half Time in Poughkeepsie to get your hands on it for half price. If you don't get a chance to snag it before the actual holiday, don't worry: it goes really well with leftovers too.