If you're the kind of person who just had to get that McDonald's Szechuan Sauce as soon as it came back, you may want to pay attention to this. Rick and Morty pub crawl will be hitting the streets of New Paltz this May. 

Guests are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Rick and Morty characters while they hop around the various bars participating in the crawl. If you think New Paltz is a little weird now, wait until you come across a drunk guy in blue body paint shouting "I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!"

According to the Facebook event page, tickets are only $18 and go on sale today. Included in the ticket price are: A free shot and drink at the check-in bar, Themed Drinks, drink and shot Specials at every bar, your favorite portal jumpers on the TV's, Costume Competition, and an Interdimensional Portal Gun. 

Plus, the first 100 people to buy tickets will get an additional free shot and drink. The event is taking place on May 5th, which is just enough time for you to start working on your Pickle Rick costume.

Bonus Video: WRRV Morning Grind