As the debate goes about in person classes this fall, one school district is stepping up their expectation when it comes to enforcing dress code. thing is, this includes students who doing online classes from their very own homes. Now, some parents aren't too pleased.

Fox 5 NY reports that Springfield (IL) Public Schools officials have banned students from wearing pajamas, hats, sunglasses, hoods, and slippers while on camera during online classes. The school also told students to be “sitting up out of bed preferably at a desk or table” during class.

Some have applauded the measures, while others disagree. One parent told WCIA: 

I made the decision for my kids to be at home and I don’t really see how any district can come in and say what my kid can’t wear in my house.

One question who might wonder is how would the school even enforce this? WCIA says the administration responded by saying they'd handle on an individual basis. Some of the consequences could include; parental contact, time out, verbal reprimand, and withdrawal of privileges. Kind of hard to imagine how the school would enforce a time out in some kid's own house.

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