Mountain Jam as many already know takes place at Hunter Mountain, NY. This mountain is a popular winter destination for many Hudson Valley Skiers. The ski lift serves the bulk of it's purpose transporting skiers up the mountain for their eventual descent.

Riding the ski lift off season creates views that are always breathtaking in this area. The trees covering the mountains and meeting the horizon puts a smile on my face. Most people I spoke with at the concert told me I HAD to ride the ski lift. Seeing the stage and the crowd from up there would be a nice alternative perspective on the day. Since I'm all about doing the "alternative thing" I went for it.

It was only $7 a person and I thought that was pretty reasonable. The ride itself lasts over 25 minutes and it's just a great way to relax and take in the day. I had fun making this video and it will serve as a permanent reminder of how amazing my first Mountain Jam was.