I've introduced a lot of bands on stages big and small over my many years at WRRV. I've screwed up my own name, but I've never screwed up the band's name... until Saturday.

That's how Paddy on the River started for yours truly. Then the rains came. But here's the thing: it was cold and wet, but for those in attendance it didn't matter. Paddy on the River was a great time and there was nothing mother nature could do about it.

So, back to my brief embarrassing story. The gates had just opened and the first band was getting ready to play. As stage announcement guy for the day, this was my cue. But, I couldn't find a list of the bands, and I thought I recognized the singer as Pat from the Mighty Ploughboys so I just went for it.

Upon finishing my enthusiastic announcement for what I thought was the Mighty Ploughboys, the singer from Ireland the Band said, "great announcement, but wrong band." At which point my heart sank into my shoes and I'm sure my face turned as red as an Irishman in the sun all day. Thankfully, they were good sports, and an amazing band! Turns out the Mighty Ploughboys were playing second, followed by The United Irishman, who also played the after party at Mahoney's.

The bottom line, anytime you plan an outdoor event for March, it's a crap shoot. So thank you to all who came out and had some fun for Paddy on the River!