A box of abandoned bunnies was found in the Hudson Valley this week.

There are some things I'll never understand in this world. Especially, how someone can abandon animals. I'm an animal lover to my core and when I see stories about mistreated or abandoned animals, my heart breaks. Sadly, there's another animal abandonment story that happened right here in the Hudson Valley.

The Ulster County SPCA announced on their Facebook that four adolescent rabbits were found abandoned in the ShopRite parking lot in the Town of Ulster on Monday, January 25, 2021. Thankfully, the rabbits were unharmed. But they were contained in a cardboard box in the parking lot.

According to the Ulster County SPCA, a good samaritan heard the rabbits scratching in the cardboard box. They then alerted the Ulster County Humane Officer, who then brought them into the Ulster County SPCA. The Ulster County SPCA is asking for any information related to the person who abandoned the rabbits. If you have information, you are encouraged to call the Humane Law Enforcement Department of the Ulster County SPCA at (845)-331-5377 ext. 212.

Below are pictures of all the rabbits. It's unclear if they'll be up for adoption or rehomed somewhere else.

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